"I'm very pleased to have met such a great artist."       Feliks Topolski 

Photo by Ksenia Belash © 2017

Photo by Ksenia Belash © 2017

Who is Wiskey?

Born in London in 1965, I have worked as an independent, self-educated artist since 1983. 

The interests and studies that have informed my art during this time have mainly been focused on sacred art, natural medicine & healing, myth, archetype & storytelling, spiritual teachings, nature and playfulness.

The act of painting, for me, is an exploration of my interior world, in which the search for Truth and reality is the only occupation and everything is to be seen through unflinching eyes.

In this same vein, I am also a writer & poet, photographer, storyteller and film maker.

Since my first show of paintings in King's Cross in November 1985, I've staged more than 30 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows in galleries and spaces in London, New York, France and Italy. My works hang on private and corporate walls across the planet.

There are two principal aspects to my work as a painter; the Figure & Head paintings, and the Energy or Colour works, which include the Universal Love Paintings and the Black Series, which have become known as Mindful Paintings.

Figure and Head Paintings

As my core interests are sacred art and a search for meaning, the paintings I make of people are not of people's outer shells, of their external appearances, but have been called energetic portraits. My concerns are with the psyche and with the higher emotions and thoughts that we may have access to, but which we tend not to call upon in our daily lives. How to paint such things?

Energy Paintings

My energy paintings are meditations, painted from the inner action of quietening the mind and activating the heart, of listening more deeply to all things inner and outer. The act of painting in this mind-stilling way, often brings forth poems from wherever poems come from, and those poetic lines in turn can become wholly or in part the titles of the paintings I am working on. 

Profile of my brother. 1986 Pencil on paper

Profile of my brother. 1986 Pencil on paper

Beside the artistic callings I invent games and sell microalgae for good measure.

It’s a bit hard to see, but to enlarge images simply click the '+' in the top right corner of any picture and scroll along.

I'm rather allergic to regular CVs/Biogs, so this page and the Inspiration & Ask the Artist pages below, aim to give a broader sense of what my work is about.

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Tubes of the hand-ground oil paint I make from pure pigments and cold-pressed linseed oil

Tubes of the hand-ground oil paint I make from pure pigments and cold-pressed linseed oil


Pre-production is starting on my first film; Forgotten Journey. A documentary road-trip film, driving from London to southern Spain in search of a small town where I took b/w photographs 33 years ago, and the completion of a journey to the Alhambra.

I'm always writing, poems and short stories are always popping up and being written down. The story of Icsius has been finished and I am working on the audio book and finding illustrators for the print edition. In due course, any publications will be available to buy on this site in the Book Shop and elsewhere.

The Super Brain Food Club has opened its self-health focused doors to the public.

The Metanoia Project is gathering momentum. A series of eight rooms of monumental paintings three times the size of the Sistine Chapel. More information on the Projects page.

I'm the active chairman of the Crick Crack Club, the UK’s premier performance storytelling promoter and programmer.

Would you like to play INVENTENCES, my fabulous sentence game? I can come to you or you can come to me with up to 8 players. Get in touch and experience the Scrabble upgrade that is much more fun, creative and stimulating all at the same time!

Preparing the painting 'Femininity' in the Stroud studio, September 2002

Preparing the painting 'Femininity' in the Stroud studio, September 2002

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